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Banner background - Barnard Castle and the oriel window put in for Richard III Badge of the Richard III's Loyal Supporters' Society. A white boar upon a shield, quartered with murrey and blue. Below the shield a banner with the motto Loyaulté et Verité (Loyalty and Truth) and a white rose of York
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Rediscovery and Expectations

Richard’s story continues in the 21st century with the exhumation of his skeleton in Leicester, and the many unanswered questions raised by the project.

The conduct of the affairs related to the exhumation & reburial of this King of England have led to many questions that have been ignored by the establishment.

*The Earl Marshal (by hereditary right since Richard's time incidentally, the current Duke of Norfolk) always handles royal funerals and is the sine qua non arbiter of state occasion and ceremonial, as has always been his duty.

His non-involvement (regardless of his personal inclinations in the matter) can be taken as an unequivocal message from Her Majesty that, as far as she was concerned, Richard III was not to be regarded as anything but a traitor and an usurper, never as a sovereign. In fact the royal website still labels him as such, despite the known fact that he became king legally, after accepting the title when it was offered to him by the three estates of the realm, the Lords Temporal and Spiritual, as well as the commons.

The above matters cover just some of the injustices occurring in regards to the discovery and reinterment of King Richard. There are so many other issues that have arisen during, and after, his discovery and reinterment, including the continual use of images obtained while the late king was being examined in a lab, the nature of how his remains’ presence is exploited for both monetary and personal gain, and the continual disrespect shown.

It is important that as time passes, these issues are not forgotten, as the late king still deserves the true respect owed to him. We hope that in the future we will be able to right some of these wrongs and put a stop to the continual vampiric use of his remains as they lie in Leicester.

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