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Banner background - Barnard Castle and the oriel window put in for Richard III Badge of the Richard III's Loyal Supporters' Society. A white boar upon a shield, quartered with murrey and blue. Below the shield a banner with the motto Loyaulté et Verité (Loyalty and Truth) and a white rose of York
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Reading List


Daughter Of Time by Josephine Tey

A little dated now but an entertaining read and an excellent introduction to how Richard's reputation was deliberately damaged by Tudor Propaganda. The book that set many Ricardians on their life-long journey.

We Speak No Treason by Rosemary Hawley Jarman

One of the best (for some it is the best) of the Ricardian Novels. Very thoroughly researched and guaranteed to transport the reader back in time to the 15th Century.

The Sunne In Splendour by Sharon Pennman

Another close runner for the number one Ricardian Novel. Well researched and absorbing.

Under The Hog by Patrick Carleton.

A good read.

My Lords Richard by Margaret Davidson

Positive Reviews on Amazon. Told through the life of Anne Neville as she reviews the two  Richard's in her life, her father, Richard, Earl of Warwick, and her childhood friend and husband, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, later Richard III. Positive view of Richard and the research into the historical background is supported by contemporary documents.

Some Touch of Pity by Rhoda Edwards

Beautifully written and well researched.

Fortune's Wheel (prequel of Some Touch of Pity) by Rhoda Edwards

Well written and entertaining

Richard Liveth Yet: A Historical Novel set in the 21st Century by Joanne Larner

A ‘what if’ novel about Richard finding himself travelling forward in time a couple of months before the fateful day in 1485, and happening upon an avid Ricardian who is there to help him. Although it is written for entertainment and is part romance novel, the author spent a lot of time researching many and the book is remarkably informative about events known to have occurred during Richard's lifetime, as well as giving possible scenarios for those only open to conjecture.

Richard Liveth Yet (Book 2): A Foreign Country by Joanne Larner

Sequel to Richard Liveth Yet.

Loyalty by Matthew Lewis

Excellently written and a very moving portrayal of Richard in his darkest days

Honour by Matthew Lewis

Sequel to Loyalty.

A Princely Knave by Philip Lindsay

About Perkin Warbeck.

The White Boar by Marion Palmer.

A good read.

The Wrong Plantagenet by Marian Palmer

The sequel to Marian Palmer's The White Boar - another fictional view of the Princes in the Tower/Perkin Warbeck.

A Trail of Blood by Jeremy Potter

Trail of Blood is about a monk from Croyland who is asked to find out what happened to the Princes in the Tower some fifty years after Bosworth - and finds out what happened. Wonderful Stuff.

Tales of the White Boar 1 (short stories and poems about RIII) by J.P. Reedman

Tales of the White Boar 2 ( loyaulte stories of King RIII) by J.P. Reedman

Sons of York: Richard III and his brothers by J.P. Reedman (fiction)

I, Richard Plantagenet by J.P. Reedman (now in one volume for Kindle although still available in two parts: Tante Le Desiree and Loyaulté Me Lie in print)

These books by J.P. Reedman are excellent. Some are entirely fictional in the sense that they are stories written purely from the imagination, such as imaging how George and Richard may have acted together as young boys. However the latest book(s), “I, Richard Plantagenet” reads much more like an autobiography and, although much is up to the author’s conjecture, and views may differ, it is well written and researched and gives a sense of who Richard may have been as a person.

The Seventh Son by Ray Tannahill

A good read.

The Rose of York Trilogy by Sandra Worth

Excellent read.

NB: Some of these, from a personal collection, may be made available on loan to members residing in the UK by arrangement. Please contact us at for more information.

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